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We are reminded that god exists and there is Heaven and Hell. But is there a world called “Earth” between those two? No, unfortunately. THIS is Heaven and Hell, the world. A human soul is shaped by the marriage of these two. A perfect harmony of the two haves of existence allows the soul to take on a physical shape and be born as a human in this reality. From then on the soul will continue to absorb pieces of the two halves as it grows. However, there are few souls who are born abnormally one-sided, the ‘Enders’. The ‘Heavenly’; born with pure heaven half, And the ‘Hell-sider’ with the hell halve of existence. This imbalance weakens the cycle of life and disturbs the physical world; the Enders must feast on other souls to fill the gaps of theirs and continue living. HeLLside -a story of two Enders trying to live their forbidden existence. But can they stay in this world much longer now that an anti-Ender organization is mobilized? Not to mention their souls are of the opposite halves… And that they are hunted by other Enders… And what about highschool? Homeworks, obnoxious classmates, pimples? And lo… *cough* love?


January 23rd, 2010, 9:43 am


heLLside launches!

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of heLLside! Comics coming soon!


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